The Hidden Gems of Tempe, AZ

I know what you’re thinking. How can they be hidden gems if you’re just going to share them with the world? These gems are so special, that even though thousands of people know of their existence, they’re not quite the swarmed landmarks you would expect.

The Tempe Town Lake Pedestrian Bridge

You’ll find this magical bridge right outside of the Tempe Center for the Arts. While the unique architecture and canopies that compose this bridge are still aesthetically pleasing in the daytime,  this is a treasure you’ll want to see after the sun goes down. Dozens of brilliantly blue lights illuminate the white canopies, pillars, and wires that hold the bridge together. Bikes, walkers, and joggers will pass you by, but it makes a fantastic spot for a photo shoot. The purple, blue, and fuchsia hues will make it hard for you to simply walk across and be on your way. If you do, however, some have reported seeing hundreds of bunnies filling the hills on the north side of Tempe Town Lake in the wee hours of the night when no one is around.

ASU’s Secret Garden

It’s tradition that only someone who knows about the Secret Garden may share its location with another. Therefore, we are sad to say that we cannot do that through this article. What we can say is that it’s hidden in almost plain sight, right in the middle of campus. If you’re a student at ASU, you’ve probably walked by it dozens of times with no idea. The entrance usually has visitors skeptical and shaking in their boots!

The Maple Ash Neighborhood

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Tempe, the Maple Ash Neighborhood is filled with unique architecture, art, and lush landscaping compared to the surrounding areas. The whole area is much cooler than other parts of the city because the land is irrigated. Many of the homes are simple, one bedroom dwellings, but they all have character — parents will also love the local daycare and preschool. Whether they are homeowners or renters, the residents of this area unite for the greater good, banding together under what’s called “MAWF” (Maple Ash Wilson Farmer — the other nearby streets) on Facebook and other places online.

How Kremp Became The Best Florist In The World

Thanks to their hard work and dedication, has become one of the best florists in the world. They accomplished this achievement by providing quality products and the highest quality of customer service each and every time consumers make online orders.

flowers-onlineThe Value of Good Management

Since their management team is efficient, you’re able to ship flowers and other products to people in multiple cities at one time. This family-owned business trains all team members to the highest caliber to prevent errors after orders are made. Customers have the assurance that their online orders will be delivered on time and with the best presentation possible.

When they run big promotions, everyone works together as a team. You might even say they work together as one big happy family. Each customer has an enjoyable shopping experience because the managers always motivate employees to innovate and revolutionize the experience from ordering flowers online to when the recipient receives them. Motivation is crucial in a sales environment; it helps everyone perform at the highest level.

The Importance of Teamwork

In this industry, there is a lot of competition, so Kremp build teams of employees who have fresh, new ideas. This strategy helps the company remain flexible and ahead of the curve. Customers reap the benefits of these efforts. However, the biggest advantage is that the teams are able to process dozens of orders quickly during holiday rushes by working together. If the workload increases, other employees help out so that all products can be delivered to consumers without any delays.

Kremp Sets Goals

Thanks to the company’s goals, the number of happy customers increases every year. Teams make strategic adjustments throughout marketing campaigns to accommodate needs that arise. For more 55 years, goal-setting tactics helped Kremp provide prompt services to people in a variety of locations in Philadelphia, such as:

  • Hatboro
  • Jenkintown
  • Horsham
  • Doylestown
  • Abington

Customer Satisfaction Matters

They fully understand that flowers make many events memorable, so they stock lots of colorful arrangements. The company is one of the best florist businesses in the United States because it never cut corners. When orders are processed, teams work strategically so that consumers can get their items the same day.

Being one of the best flower companies in the world isn’t easy. They established the brand by giving each customer a variety of options. It is for this reason that the company continues to gain popularity because customers can rely on the service. This approach helps them accomplish goals so all customers can surprise their loved ones at any time without having to pick up the floral arrangements in person.

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